Services Offered by Home Care Businesses

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Services Offered by Home Care Businesses

“At Home Companion Services provides care in northern NJ, primarily in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County.” Options available include full or part time senior home care, daily or live-in assistance, and many other options, depending on your situation. We provide quality, affordable care where it’s needed; at home, in a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehab center, or hospital. Operated and owned by caregivers since 2021.

“Provides Senior Home Care in Union County, New Jersey.” This agency offers elderly care by trained, licensed personnel. Live-in services include daily or partial care, including meals, medication, personal care, supervision, exercise, and more. In addition to caring for seniors in their homes, they can provide care and support to their children and grandchildren as well. Also, in-home care may be provided to other family members or live-in relatives.

“Assisted Living in Hudson County.” This agency offers a full range of senior home care and related services. Some of these include: elder care, skilled nursing care, adult day care, home health care, home support, hospice care, home health care provider programs, and much more. Services are offered to people of all ages living in all communities across Hudson County, New Jersey. They also serve individuals and families who are in need of long-term care and those with disabilities who require specialized services for life.

“Pace Home Care.” This company offers long-term and short-term live-in care options. The company provides both in-home and non-invasive care by trained and licensed aides. Additionally, they offer the highest level of security for your loved one through their 24-hour on-site monitoring.

“In home caregivers.” This type of company provides the same types of services as other companies, but they do so from home. This is an ideal choice for someone who is not able to stay in their home to receive their personal care. Some of the services provided by these caregivers include: personal care, assistance with activities of daily living, bathing and dressing, getting up and going about daily activities, medication reminders, companion support and assistance with medical procedures.

“In home caregivers/Personal Care Homes.” This kind of company offers both in-home care and long-term assisted living services. It also offers daily personal care such as helping to bathe the senior citizen and providing companionship services, such as helping with meals and light entertainment.

For families who are facing the challenge of caring for an aging family member or adult, an at home companion can be a tremendous benefit. These services provide comfort, assistance, safety and many other important services needed throughout the senior years. Often, seniors remain independent and do not require continual supervision. However, an at home companion can make the senior feel more comfortable and can help to encourage them to retain their independence. This can increase the quality of life and decrease the number of senior citizens requiring long-term care or assisted living facilities. At home companions also provide an investment in a senior’s future; as home companions age, they become familiar with their surroundings and may be able to spot things or take care of things they would have forgotten.

Long-term care can be expensive, however there are several ways to reduce costs. Many of these companies provide “value-added” services such as shopping for clothes and shopping for snacks and other items at the same store. They also offer quality service at a reasonable rate. These services are available nationwide and can be tailored to meet the needs of any senior resident. By offering quality, low cost and reliable services, senior residence care businesses have the opportunity to become the favorite place for seniors to visit and stay.