What Are Senior Living Suites?

“At Home Companion Services” is one of many names for senior care professionals. In retirement communities throughout North America, many communities have realized that the elderly live-in members of their community need extra support and assistance. Senior Home Companion Services is professional caregivers who provide daily personal care and general activities such as housekeeping, errands, shopping, light housekeeping, and errand packing. Their goal is to make every senior living in their community comfortable, independent, and helpful.

at home companions

“At Home Companion Services (HCAC)” is one of many professional names for senior care professionals. The majority of senior living community fringes are located in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The name originated from an early version of the term “at home”. It was originally called” Manor Aid” and was thought to be a synonym for “house maid”. That is no longer the commonly used term today.

“At Home Companion Services (HCAS)” evolved from a broader term to include more specialized professional tasks, including live-in care, companion care, and other important work. The term was later changed to “Auxiliary Services” to cover all professional services provided by live-in companions. The most common tasks performed by home care aides include household chores, such as laundry and grocery shopping. Other tasks may include medical or legal chores, such as receiving and filing medical or legal papers, driving the senior in and out of medical facilities, preparing meals, shopping for senior family, and helping the senior exercise.

Live-in companion services have become the most popular option selected by seniors choosing to remain living at home. Live-in caregivers offer many advantages over other alternatives. For example, live-in caregivers are paid on a fixed salary schedule, which means they are rarely faced with scheduling changes, overtime pay, holiday pay, or other expenses that can accrue with short-term employment. Also, most live-in caregivers are paid directly by the home care agency and are not required to report hours worked or receive benefits from their employer. This eliminates the possibility of “workhour theft”, a common problem with temporary employees.

Live-in caregivers also provide a very sensitive and humanizing service for seniors who may be embarrassed about their financial situation and/or unable to discuss their needs with others. Live-in caregivers do not receive any benefit when their elderly loved one dies or moves away. This makes them a unique and valuable resource for seniors with special needs. The emotional support provided by a live-in caregiver can help maintain senior’s independence and alleviate feelings of loneliness.

In addition to providing a very sensitive nurturing service, live-in caregivers provide a secure living environment. If your loved one lives in a shared apartment, living alone can be extremely difficult. Senior citizens may feel safer living with another caregiver, or living in a secure, personal care facility such as a nursing home. Many senior citizens prefer the security of a home care community. These living arrangements offer the senior a sense of belonging, security, and the freedom to move about in a safe and comfortable environment.

While an assisted living or skilled care facility offers some benefits and services, some senior citizens may consider these services unnecessary. However, if a senior has severe health problems or limited mobility, an at home care arrangement is the most appropriate choice. Live-in caregivers can provide much needed physical care and emotional support by being there to assist with bathing, dressing, grooming, meditating, and many other tasks that can make a senior feel special.

You can find many locations offering senior communities and individual suites, all of which come with amenities and services tailored just for seniors. For those looking for a more affordable option, there are also facilities that rent by the week or month. For those who want an even more affordable option, you can find multiple room options with shared amenities. Whatever type of senior community you prefer, there will be something to meet your needs at a Rogers Residential Care Nursing Suites.