Companion Services – Why Elderly Citizens Need Companionship Services

What is companionship? It means more than simple companionship with an elderly friend. It also means an arrangement where two people stay in close and continuous association with each other to help them cope with life in old age. There are many senior homes or assisted living facilities that offer such companionship but few of them have the special bond that a live-in aide develops with a senior citizen.

Companion Care provides elderly adults in need with personal care in an in home facility. Its staffs provide the necessary assistance to seniors suffering from various conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. CompanionCare provides services to elderly individuals in need all across the state of New Jersey. It is one of the leading providers of home care services and an accredited member of the National Association of Personal Care Aides (NAPCA). The company also collaborates with other health care and non-profit organizations to extend their services to more seniors in need. read more

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Assisted Living – 4 Tips to Help With the Transition to a New Senior Living Facility

The senior community in Long Island has been given another benefit by New York’s Senior Citizens Protective Association (SCPA). As part of a nationwide initiative, SCPA is committed to eliminating senior health problems through a comprehensive senior citizen companion program. According to the National Association of Home Care Providers (NAHCPC), there are approximately 25 million senior citizens nationwide that are neither mobile nor independent. These seniors often have a difficult time getting around, cooking and bathing, dressing, or even moving to the comfort of their own homes to tend to their daily needs. With the help of a professional senior care companion, these senior citizens can improve their quality of life and increase their mobility. read more


Steps to Taking the Right Decision When it Comes to Hiring a Caregiver for in Home Help

In today’s day and age, there are many senior citizens that need live-in aides or in home caregivers for a variety of reasons. Senior in home aides are ideal because they can help seniors with basic tasks and allow them to live independently. Live-in aides can also provide their elderly companions with emotional support, as well as basic care, which may make them feel much more comfortable about living in their homes.

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In most instances, clients ask for a live-in aide. However, you should not always assume that every agency that offers this type of service is one that would recommend this type of companion for their relative. Most individuals have very good things to say about companion services would provide superior care for seniors. As long as the individual receiving care feels like they are being cared for in their own home by an aide who truly loves them, they will appreciate the extra support. Most elderly individuals need to be quite independent and would welcome live-in personal care only if they truly feel comfortable about the chemistry with the person they are living with. read more

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What Is Senior Home Companion Care?

Home Companion Care refer to both in-home care and services provided by professionals at home. Home Companion Care is especially helpful for the elderly or people suffering from debilitating medical conditions that may make it difficult to move around or do regular activities. In-home care provides discreet, safe, gentle, assisted living and companionship services that make the senior independent and comfortable. These services allow seniors to maintain their independence without relying on others for extra help. read more

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Assisted Living Vs Nursing Homes

An assisted living facility or assisted living home is a residential living arrangement for those with disabilities or seniors who don’t want to live alone or in a nursing home. Some assisted living facilities are very similar to skilled nursing homes, including the provision of onsite nursing care, the ability to perform basic tasks such as housekeeping and meals preparation, the provision of personal care and assistance with daily activities like bathing and dressing, and the provision of necessary assistance to carry out the daily program. Other assisted living facilities are smaller and provide less personalized care and more assistance in adapting to the community. Some live-in aid facilities are smaller spaces for shorter periods of time and provide care in more flexible ways. Whatever the arrangement, there are several important considerations to make before signing a contract as an in home care provider. read more


Services Offered by Home Care Businesses

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Services Offered by Home Care Businesses

“At Home Companion Services provides care in northern NJ, primarily in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex County.” Options available include full or part time senior home care, daily or live-in assistance, and many other options, depending on your situation. We provide quality, affordable care where it’s needed; at home, in a nursing home, assisted living facility, rehab center, or hospital. Operated and owned by caregivers since 2021.

“Provides Senior Home Care in Union County, New Jersey.” This agency offers elderly care by trained, licensed personnel. Live-in services include daily or partial care, including meals, medication, personal care, supervision, exercise, and more. In addition to caring for seniors in their homes, they can provide care and support to their children and grandchildren as well. Also, in-home care may be provided to other family members or live-in relatives. read more

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What Are Companion Home Care Services?

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What Are Companion Home Care Services?

Home Companion Services offers personalized, confidential health care to all the senior citizens in communities across Lower NJ. At Home Companion Services provides home healthcare, in-home care, elder care, home medical care and various other in-home care facilities for the elderly in the surrounding neighborhood. It also offers a unique senior assisted living facility, which is like having a home care aide at your beck and call. You have the choice of either getting one of their home healthcare aides to come in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or you can call and make an appointment for a home medical aide, which will be a member of their in-home care staff. read more

Finding Gentle Touch – The Best Home Care Services

Senior home care means a mix of professional in long island home care and nursing care services which help elderly and isolated individuals to live independently in their residences as long as feasible. There are many senior home care agencies that are able to provide companions for elderly at various stages of their lives. Such services can be given in a variety of settings like nursing homes, assisted living facilities, convalescent centers, adult day care centers, retirement communities, and other senior care facilities. Many senior home care agencies also provide the services of companions for elderly who are not able to live alone at their residences. Companion services can be given by a professional personal care assistants to their clients. read more

Assisted Living: Pros and Cons

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Assisted Living: Pros and Cons

An assisted living home or senior home care is a residential living facility specifically designed for senior adults or for those who can’t or don’t want to live on their own. Elderly citizens are often abandoned by family members because of old age or the need to recuperate from a long illness or injury. But rather than turning the senior citizens into a burden on society, this kind of care allows them to enjoy a more active and independent lifestyle. This elderly care is also more affordable and accessible compared to traditional nursing home care. These are the main reasons why more families these days are moving into senior home care. read more


Assisted Living – A 24-Hour Option For Seniors

An assisted living center or senior living home is a residential living facility designed exclusively for people with limited mobility or for senior citizens who are unable or unwilling to live on their own. There are many senior home companion services offered by senior care facilities across the country. Senior home care services focus on providing the companionship that older persons need in order to maintain their independence and to provide the personal care that they may have missed during their working years. read more